xybermotion wer wir sind

Who we are

Xybermotion® is innovation driven. Our Mission: The to reach and exploit the digital potential of Industry 4.0. for the middle class – and thus give our customers a clear competitive advantage. With each of our software solutions that creates measurable added value. For this, we combine a team with many years of experience in various industries, which develops and implements concepts exclusively based on the needs and requirements of our customers. We are pioneers. Innovative and customer-oriented, Xybermotion® stands for a product and a company with an uncompromising commitment to delivering world-class performance in every respect: FIRST






Core Competencies

The way we work depends on our values – and our competencies. For mutual success, we combine personal strengths with professional expertise, we combine mind sets with skill sets. We accompany you on your way to success.


You can rely on us as a comprehensive service partner from the beginning to the implementation beyond. We believe in our core competencies as the basis for the quality of Xybermotion®.

Best in class

Software in interaction with motivated team members can become a decisive success factor in the company – if it is intuitive, easy and safe to operate and supports processes intelligently. You should enjoy designing your digital workplace with Xybermotion® solutions while increasing your productivity. That’s why our focus is on creating the best possible product for you – our goal is to be “Best In Class”, the best supplier in our industry.

To this end, we enter into mutually beneficial cooperation with a number of other Best In Class partners from science and industry. With the support of universities, institutes and technology companies, we continue to develop our solutions in a customer-oriented manner and exchange know-how and ideas.

We never stop learning. Our development is a constant process that guarantees you to have the best individual solution at all times with Xybermotion®.


Trust is good, certification gives you even more security. In order to meet our own requirements, we have both our software and our own processes checked regularly – and certified in terms of functionality, safety and quality

Governance &

Corporate governance includes responsible corporate governance geared to sustainable value creation. Unfair or corrupt behavior is contrary to the values and business philosophy of Xybermotion. We have supplemented and substantiated compliance with the legal provisions relevant to us with an internal company code. Xybermotion stands for integrity, respectful interaction and fair market presence.

In competition we focus on customer orientation, performance and the quality of our products and services.

Our Code defines our responsibility and ensures integrity according to the following principles:

Compliance with all legal requirements

  • Fair, honest and reliable interaction with each other, with customers and business partners
  • Loyalty to the company
  • Omission of any form of discrimination
  • Avoidance of conflicts of interest


Our Xybermotion®-Software creates more transparency for your company. And we at Xybermotion® are transparent for our customers as well. Feel free to download our detailed 10-point codex as a PDF file, so you know exactly what principles we think, act and evaluate. If you have any questions, we are at your disposal